1. Cracking. breaks long chain hydrocarbons into smaller units. cracking requires heat and pressure. there are many different types of cracking reactions, forming different products (alkanes, alkenes) eg) catalytic cracking, steam cracking, hydrocracking. hydrocracking requires H2(g) Examples: 1. C17H36 + H2 C9H20 + C8H18 2. Reforming
I need to write an equation to show a possible reaction for the cracking of C 13 H 28. Does this equation look correct? C 13 H 28 (l) = C 8 H 18 (l) + C 2 H 4 (g) + C 3 H 6 (g) Thank you! Yes that's fine. There are many equations you could write which would be possible eg C13H28 ----> C2H4 + C11H24 etc.